Marital Success and Breakthrough and Intervention

by Akin Ayeni (Lagos, Nigeria)


I need your prayers on the issue of marriage (Marital breakthrough and success). I lost my wife about seven months ago during pregnancy. We had a child already before that.
I had this fear in me, ‘how to get another wife who is Godly, virtuous, God-fearing, prudent and a helpmeet’; who will love and take my daughter as hers.

I went to Redemption Camp in Novemeber, 2013, engaged in 3 days fasting and prayers (marathon) seeking, sought God’s face on marital breakthroughs and I asked God for a virtuous wife and that we should recognize each other clearly whenever we come in contact.

By Decemeber God miraculously by circumstance connected me with a lady- Olufunmilayo in my church (My heart drew to her repeatedly) and I found out about, talked to her and talked about her to my Pastor and she had already accepted me.
But the matter is still with the pastor.
I need a prayer that God will show Himself mighty in this matter and fast track all the processes involved and remove every objection, obstacles from parents/ family members and that God will open doors of breakthroughs to us both – Financial, marital, spiritual, material, social and physical and grant us peace (marital & financial) like a river.

Please commit this relationship to God Almighty and that God should have His way in our life and uphold us, strengthen us against lusts and temptation.

Also pray that God will lift me out of my present stagnancy and give me a new position of higher level, status and pay.

Thank you.

Akin Ayeni.