Pray for me RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA that I be released, delivered totally from the spirit of celibacy prolonged and chronic and that I will get married in the shortest time because I am 36 years old now. May God break the yoke of celibacy and let the evil lock that holds me prisoner in solitude be broken and exterminated forever. I am a victim of a witch who blocks me and destroys my youth. Pray for me to be totally delivered from wicked spirits, from night husbands, from evil family contracts, May God deliver me from all the wicked family that prevents the fulfillment of my marital destiny. May all the satanic voice that speaks negatively against my establishment in marriage be silenced. May God break all the yokes of marital servitude placed on my life. May all the power hidden behind my marital frustration be stopped.Pray for me RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA that I be released to love and that my heart and my feelings as well as my emotions be totally free to love.
May God put an end to this loneliness and prolonged and chronic spirit of celibacy and that I will get married quickly and that I will enjoy a happy home according to the plan of God and that
my marital destiny is fulfilled according to his plans. Pray for my subject of prayer please every day, morning and evening until I testify to you. God bless you

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