Maranatha, come Lord Jesus come

by Angela (Canada)

St Jude thru the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savaiour I ask for your prayers please That on Jan 17 or sooner all the people involved in our case regarding auto accident of almost 5 years ago come to an agreement to settle our case and give us a big settlement for my husband and mine injuries and operations. Mental physical and financial help. We have not worked all this time and we have exhausted all our funds. Please St Jude help my husband and I pray to our Heavenly Father Lord and Saviour that he has a hand in this and his arms are around all of us and that evil us kept away do we do no harm to our selves or others. Please we have been so lost and broken. We have been a burden yo our children and family. We need desperate help. Amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you st. Jude. I love you. We have 9’grandkids that are our joy. Please dear Jesus help us heal physically mentally and financially so we may be able to help with the care of our grandkids. Give us strength to teach them all about you Jeses. Please St. Jude pray for us. Surround my husband and I anptogether with all the angels and saints protecting us filling us with Gods a Holy Spirit and all those involved with our auto accident case. Please fill their hearts with love and compassion for us and let them give us a big settlement and close this case so we can start our healing. Please st.mJude pray with usmGods mighty hand is in all this and with us. Please keep,evil,away from use so we do no harm to outprselves Orleans others. Amen Today we go talk to our lawyer please have him have good news for us. Thank you St. Jude. See us thru this thru our Lord Jesus Christ And Saviour Amen.