Many problems

by Klara Vita ()

Dear friends,Intentions for prayers (groups) and masses1. Africa;2. Middle East3. weak the action of the demons;4. Brazilian public schools;5. help me when I grow old or fall sick;6. Brazilian slums7. schizophrenic people;8.working people from Uberlandia9. all victims of all wars (dead)10. Tsuyoshi Sagata (dead)11. Yoko Hashiguchi12. dysfunctional families;13. Sanae: happy marriage;14. Erika Sagata and her family15. Yoshio doctor work and hospital;16. Monsanto Uberlandia;17 Brazilian political corruption;18. Sanae: special graces (brain, compassion, wisdom, goodness, kindness, patience, strong faith)19.Sanae n.l.(for future) : nun vocation (IQ 137), monastery, developed country or Amish woman (IQ130: good with numbers);Amish skills (cook, seam and embroidery),quiet death. special gift: Dom be discharged from UAI Martins hospital;21. disturbing and indifferent souls: improve self control and obsessions;22.Web design ufu;23. tenant;24. for future (n.l.):stronger eyes;
25. prevent Sanae’s mental loss of control caused by evil souls(glass);26. protect me from attack of demons “evil souls” in the future (when I cannot go to the church, when I get old) (Sanae)27. relieve my mental and spiritual torment.
Keep this message confidential please. Do not publish.Privacy reasons.Thanks,Sagata family

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