Manifesting the Power of the Lord thy God in our life

by Alice (New York, Nyc)

Heavenly Father, we come to U giving all honor, praise and Glory that is dude too U. Father u are not just the alpha and omega, but you are our beginning and end. I love u Lord for all every single thing that u have done in my families life even those who are not save, you can work miracles because ur still doin work in my life.

U are a God that can and will show urself strong, Just when people think that pulled one over on you u always come up with something new to fix the situation. Ur way of thinking is not our way of thinking, u are omni-presence u see all and know all. Teach to know when things are from u and when there from the enemy. Give my son the discerment that he needs to complete what task that u have for him to do, let him be of sober mind and heart with a clean spirit. Father, give me wisdom and knowledge that’s acceptable in the right amount and measure for me as well as for my husband and son, u said in your word you take the simple things to conform the wise. I thank you for being a friend, mother, brother, doctor, and lawyer. May u always guide me and my family in the right directions in life and continue to cover us with you’re Angels, angel of love, safety, protection, and healer etc. Put a hedge of safety around my home and we pray for positive people in our lives that will not influence us in bad ways, keep positive people in our lives at all times.

May we be Blessed Body, Mind, Spirit and FINANCES. May we be blessed under the mighty hand of God. Amen

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