Making time for Our Heavenly Father

by Zoraida ()

Prayers for my daughter who is single with 3 children. Is struggling with making ends meet. Her job of 7 months, there seems to be problems regarding new equipment in the office. Several workers are having some problems with it. New tweeks are added every week with no training or memos being put out. Everyone is stress and employees have personal problems which is affecting the workplace. The blame seems to be on my daughter and another newer employee for what problems arise. Asking for peace and for all to come together as one and realize what needs to be address and to correct it. May they make time for training and for those who have been there 30 years to assist in helping others. This is a family owned practice and they are not loosing money in anyway, but some feel as though it’s a bother to assist or train. Asking for clarity of mind, patience & understanding. Also for the removal of anxiety, stress, and bickering that takes place when employees gossip. Fill their practice with love, peace, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. In Jesus name amen! Thank you!🙏

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