Make the love of my life realise his mistake and come back to me

Dear Lord my God,

You have been with me through all thick and thin of this relationship. You know all that has happened between him and I. You know both our flaws and darksides. Please, God almighty! I humbly come before you to ask you forgiveness from my part… Lord! I also ask you to make him realise that all that he said and said was wrong and offensive.
God, I beg you to change him into a better man who is sincere, loving, caring, understanding, trustworthy, honest and someone who isnt afraid to accept that he loves me.. please make him realise, regret, apologise and come back to me.. Please oh Lord! Bring my Love back to me soon. Fill this empty soul of mine with his love, care and compassion. Bless us lord, that he and I will live a lifetime together in peace, happiness, health and prosperity. Bring him back to me soon…
Thank you for listening to me oh Lord! I love you… Amen

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