Make our presence known in each other’s hearts

by Lauren ()

Lord, I want to pray for my relationship. We have had a few falls in the past but have both been working very hard to rekindle and hold onto the love we both know we have for each other. We are now going through our relationship long distance and missing him and worrying about our relationship is becoming frequent.

Lord I pray that you help me and my partner to stay strongly connected and that each day out love for each other grow although we do not see each other on a daily basis. I pray that even when I’m away he can still feel my love for him in his heart. I pray that you guide us through this tough time and so that when we finally get to see each other our love will be as strong as ever. Lord I pray that you fill our relationship.

I pray that you do your work in our relationship and help guid both of us on a daily basis. Help me to stay strong as well as his love for me. In your name I pray.


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