Make my sons swelling and pain be something benign!

by James ()

Heavenly Father, I come to you again worried this time that my son could have something that could possibly kill him if his tests doesn’t just turn out to be plugged sinuses or something like that. I’m so scared that it’ll be something that could shorten his life and fast! Please lord God In your sweet son Jesus Christ name to let them see something simple today when reading his test he had done and let that be an accurate statement from them that nothing is wrong with him! I know that you’ve blessed me and my family and I cannot loose my kids Grandkids or wife! I’m still not over mom dying and I just want you to lay your loving hands on all of us but especially Bub tonight as he’s asleep waiting to go out to work , let one of your Angels reach out and lay their hands on him and let him feel the pain and worry leaving him as it does so he’ll know that it was through you Lord so he can give you credit for the healing! I don’t have to feel anything because I know what you can do but he’s a younger man lord . This is the way Satan gets in families in my humble opinion because if two parents are lost in grief they may not see each other or could even blame one another and it could destroy the whole thing! I’m smart enough to know that I could have just thought this for a millisecond and gotten what you are going to do but it helps to have more than one or a few pray for him! I love him down to my marrow and if someone has to go please take me before you would even let him think about getting something like cancer or something! In Jesus name I pray lord; Amen and Amen.

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