Make My Love Come Back

by Anjani Rachel (Pathanamthitta)

Dear God,

I believe you can make miracles happen but, it have to take some time. I know you see all and I know you can hear my prayers. A few days ago, I lost the most important person to me and I really want him back. I know will you please bring him back. I believe that you can and I know that you can as well.

I will change for the best and live my life happy with him. My name is Anjani and his name Jobin. Please dear lord get him back into my life. My world , my happiness rotates around him. Let me heal his wound which I have given by giving him lots and lots of love till last of my breath. Dear God, you know my situation and my deepest prayer. Please bring him back into my life as you know that Im happy beside him. I really believe that our love is your will and you give him to me so please give him to me again.

I promise I try to take care of him more until my last breath. I also promise not to do the sin which is against u and give me the courage to overcome temptations. You are the one who can make us to be one. Without you we can’t be bonded. Please make us together and love each other again as before.

Please help heal our relationship and bring him back. I am a better person with him and he is with me. Please pray for this to happen as I’ve lost my faith in all. Thank You. Amen!

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