Make me Whole Again

by Chloes Mom (GA)

Dear God,

You know how I’ve suffered over these last 2 years since the accident.
My faith, trust, and full confidence in my doctors and attorneys hopeful they had my best interest in mind and daily thru these struggles endured with outright neglect pertaining my health, much confusion, and conspiracy theories I’m left alone on this island suffering alone with mounting pain and no resolve in the appropriate treatment in sight due to politics now stuck in a system. I feel stuck in every way. this has effected every part of my life, my relationships, my livelihood, my future, well being, etc. all on hold for years and at the final hour now to add insult to injury medical neglect followed with legal conflict has me feeling hopeless, broken, and ignored.
Please help me find the hope thru only the power you can provide to help ensure I receive the appropriate treatment health and otherwise I’ve long awaited on, and please help expedite this very painful and frustrating process with a successful outcome so I can move forward in my life…
Thank You.

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