Make Me Happy God

by Deha (Assam)

Jesus, i know I am one of those millions who pray to you. I also know that my prayer is just only a prayer, I can’t change my destiny by only praying you, neither I hope that you will make my wish come true. But at the end I found you are my last resort to ask help for. God please help me God please help me.

I feel that I can only be happy with her, not my fiancee. Give my first & last true love to me. I cant see her married to someone else. I want to marry her from the deep of my heart, she is my true love. If I can’t marry her, i will never happy in my life..we will never enjoy this beautiful world of you. Rather our lives will be filled with only misers & sorrows.

I pray to you God, show a miracle ….show a miracle…

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