Make him feel the same way

by Ana ()

Dear God, I want to thank you for all the good things I have in my life. Thank you for letting me have food, shelter and clothing. Thank you for all the good moments I’m able to have in my life despite also having a lot of problems. Lately, I’ve been feeling very depressed, for the man that I love with all my heart, the one I want to grow old with, my soulmate, does not reciprocate my feelings. He’s blinded by his ex who keeps coming back whenever she’s bored and also leaves whenever she feels like it. Since the first time around, she was able to have a hold on him, she can do whatever she wants and he’ll tolerate it for he’s terrified of being alone. Sadly, that can lead to abusive situations wich has already happened several times over the course of their on and off relationship. She creates drama everywhere she goes and even his best friend and several other people don’t approve of her or the relationship but he’s terrified of ending up alone. I can’t bear the thought of seeing my beloved share his life with someone else, especially someone who doesn’t truly love him. Also, they both have very demanding careers that make them sometimes go months without seeing eachother and that’s awful for a relationship, especially since she isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person and craves attention, be it good or bad, at all times. She isn’t very supportive of him and is extremely demanding. She’s also very jealous and possessive and has forced him to stop being friends with some people, especially women. He sacrifices everything for her, sometimes with bad consequences, and still gets treated poorly. And that’s why I pray to you my Lord, please end his current relationship for it is toxic and will bring him a lot of pain and heartbreak. Please let him be mine for I’m already his. We currently live far away from eachother but I’ve been planing on moving to where he lives when I get the chance so that is not an issue. I just need your help in making our paths cross so that we can finaly be together. I have ways of comunicating with him and we’re going to be meeting earlier next year. Please make him reach out to me as soon as possible. I pray to you God, please make him see that we were ment to be. Our personalities complement eachother’s perfectly and we get along wonderfully. I promise to do anything in my power to make him the happiest man in the world. I’ll help him and support him no matter what and I’ll make him see that he is amazing and worthy of his success. Please God, he’s constantly on my mind and I can’t see myself loving anybody else but him. I pray that you help make this dream become a reality for I promise to be a better person for me, for him, for everyone around us and for you too my Lord. I beg that anyone who reads this keeps me in their thoughs and prayers for I would be eternally grateful and also pray for you. Lord give me strenght and patience. I truly believe we were made for eachother. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I’m submiting this again with a few modifications because I don’t know if I managed to successefully submit my prayer request previously since I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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