M and N. Help them, Lord

O God, please forgive me for my interference with their relationship. May each forgive one another, and find great trust and love there. Grant them confidence and strength in the relationship and in a future together. Cast off third parties who cause damage, and these two remain faithful to and for one another, forsaking all others in favor of one another.

Heal both of their hurting, suspicious hearts. Give them plenty of wonderful experience together that serve to draw them closer, leading them to a happy marriage. Let no man or woman between them. Increase their communication to better bond them together, solve problems between them, and stabilize this relationship. May they each be open to hearing and believing in the other! Please hurry to improve the outlook for these two! May it begin now, today.

I ask these things not to make myself feel better, but for their sake. Thank You for the goodness You have already shown! Open their hearts to receive these blessings/prayers. I beg for this in the name of Jesus. Amen.