Luke 6:17 Heal Me O God

by Irene (Dorothy) ()

Good Morning,
My mother Dorothy was admitted into the hospital. Join us in prayer on her behalf. “Psalms 64:1 Hear our Voice O God, in my prayer. Touch her body, her entire body from head to toe and bring healing to her. Heal Dorothy as it is written in your word Matthew 4:23 “healing all manner of sickness.” Do for Dorothy as you did in Isaiah 38:9 “sick and he was recovered of his sickness” God arise and help her condition through his power and through the doctors attending to her as it says in Psalms 10:12 “Arise O Lord O God lift up thine hand” God do Number 12: 13 and restore her health. O God restore health back into her entire body as your word proclaims in Jeremiah 30: 17. God heal Dorothy stretch forth thine hand to heal her Exodus 22: 25 take sickness away from her and give her better health. We ask in prayer. Help Dorothy be her help in her time of need from thee 2 Chronicles 25:8, Ps 79: 9 give her help from the Doctors Hebrews 4: 16. Whatever treatment she received and receiving we ask now in prayer that you will touch it as the women with the issue of blood touched your garment and was healed. As it was done in Luke 6:17, Luke 9:11, Luke 22:51 Heal Dorothy. We ask in Jesus name, Amen

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