love sin divorces

(south africa )

My wife are in a difficult mentally place in her self and her family

I wanted a burden free life from her family but then I felt in to a sin filled love relationship with a another women
I where kicked out of our home before I met a women who will love me and have a good stable up bring and great family values
But I where still married to my wife and don’t really know how I am going to divorces my wife now
I did tell my wife that I want to dissolved our marriage
I am so sad now and I know U hate divorces but I can’t have the same life like my parents
I know my new found love will not be all the way smooth sailing but I am still young and have the rest of my life to be happy
Can U please grant me wisdom and open my eyes and heart truly to everything what’s going on please give me the strength and wisdom to handle this matter correctly because there can be many more broken hearts I have sinned Lord please for give me amen

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