Love Pulls Us Through

by Hope (USA)

Oh, Lord, I know that love is good for all mankind. We should remember that, despite our troubles upon the face of Earth. When a day is hard to bear, I know that it is often love that helps many people pull through. When a landscape is rough to work, it can be the helping hands of others that allow us to see through it. I understand that when either a person or situation is difficult for us to comprehend or handle, then our efforts to be understanding or kind is usually what will allow things to work out. Lord, help us to remember the redeeming values of love and to not forget about love as an action we can choose to do. Love can be a practice, even a way of life, in our spiritual walk. Love can help us live in harmony with other people, to live as proper people. Lord, I understand that not all people know about love or its merits, and I know more people need to step forward to speak about love and its merits in navigating life. From this view of things, I believe that many people can learn about God’s love for themselves and to contribute to the wellbeing of Mankind, by the simple task of observing their own world and life, and by paying genuine attentions to the blessings that You, Lord, bestow upon them. You have helped me to see that we should think about the positive influences and blessings that You have brought into our lives, and the love that You have for us, and that in knowing all this, we should try to live in like kind towards others around us. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to pray for those others, as well as myself, to grow in love. For your glory, Lord, Amen.

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