Love of My Life

by Babe (Meycauayan City)

Oh Holy Saint Jude, please help me in this great need. I really want to have my own family in the near future. Have a good husband and 2 children. I always pray that the man I am always dreaming of will gonna love me back. But the big problem is… He is not straight. I am always praying every night to our Dear God that HE will touch the heart of this man until he feels that He is a real man and that he gonna fall inlove with me too, the same way as I love him. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with another man, I only want him and if we are not meant to be, I think I’d rather be an old maid forever. Please Saint Jude, please help me, please make him realize that he also want to have his own family in the near future, have a loving and supportive wife and nice children. I fervently pray that the next time we meet, he will gonna feel that he also loves me and I am the woman he wants to marry and to be with him forever. The time I confirmed that he was a gay, from that moment I tried to forget him, but as the time goes by, I still feel the same feeling for him no matter who he is. I just accept him wholeheartedly. Please help me Saint Jude that God will grant me my prayer soon and for this, I will be the happiest woman in this world. Thank you so much Saint Jude. Thru Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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