Love miracle

by Helga ()

Dear Lord, I’m asking you please to have mercy for me and listen to my prayer. You are the only one who knows all the pain and suffering I’ve been going thru early age. You know how much means to me my current partner and that he’s been my salvation of my loneliness and how much I’ve Been praying for someone like him in his qualities and the support and everything about him, before him coming to my life, my life was sad and empty and I was constantly suffering of loneliness, but his alcohol addiction is the issue that turns him into another different person and is damaging our life progress together and is causing me so much pain, also as you know dear God the other issue is that he adores me but just as a friend, and I love him as much more, he has all the qualities I looked for years and is the exact type of men that attracts me inside and out, I can’t see other men that I like, and as a plus I felt in love with him and he has showed me he’s an amazing friend, dear God I need a miracle, please show me you’re real, this month has been so hard, and today for the very first day he’s made something that’s making me think, things are changing and that he doesn’t love me as before, please dear lord I beg you please for him to get close to you, this requires a miracle since he’s against churches and the Bible, and he has his own religion and Strong’s believes, please make him close to you, and make him to don’t drink alcohol anymore, also please make him love me as he always did and with the desire to be next to me, clear his mind of confusion, please in the name of Jesus make him to love me as a woman and be attracted to me and make him fall in love with me and feel attracted to me and spent quality time together as a couple with intimacy, I want to be able to put in practise all the love that has grown in my heart and that I need to express towards him and that’s what it make me so happy more than anything else right now, you know God this situation is killing me, please dead God I want him to be my man and to all evil spirits that torture him to leave him and to give me all his love romantically without fears, make this miracle in Jesus name, amen

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