Love miracle

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Heavenly father in the name of Jesus I pray, please listen this prayer:

Lord Jesus I thank you for the miracles you’re doing, I thank you that my partner realized he can’t drink alcohol anymore, I thank you he didn’t break his promise to drink anymore for several days, except the other day on his friends birthday which was too bad and he got again in agressive behavior but I thank you he realized and said he can’t drink anymore, that’s good since for two years next to him it wasn’t like that, so that’s a miracle and you heard my prayer and I thank you for that, I pray in the name of Jesus to please God don’t let him drink alcohol anymore and to don’t break his promise, when he doesn’t drink we get along well, he even started training me to do exercise and we have a more normal, stable and healthy life, which when he was drinking it was a nightmare, please dear lord I continue praying he doesn’t drink anymore in the name of Jesus.
I also pray please to him have a clean heart, unconditional love, to his heart be smoothed towards me, to remove his anger, and pride, to him let me express how I am without interruptions or judgements, to not a single fight take place to him to see the good in me, not the bad, to him find me attractive and irresistible, to spend quality time together all the time, to have more his attention, to him to see me more than just a friend, to him to open his mind and to listen more what I have to say and to take in consideration my thoughts and feelings, I want to be able to express my concerns with him without him getting mad, to him value me more and see all the good in me, to him to take in consideration my needs and him making the possible to meet them without regrets but just for the pleasure to see me Happy, please God I need the miracle of growing an intimate and romantic relationship with my partner A, that’s been one of my main concerns for the last two years, please make A to don’t have eyes for another woman except me, please remove all taboo’s, blocks, negativity from his mind, wrong ideas that make him deny to have a healthy intimate relationship with me, this would get us closer and remove all stress and confusion and it would be healthy for our mind body and soul, please dear Lord in the name of Jesus remove all rejection that my partner A might have towards me, please let him open his mind and his heart towards me and embrace the beautiful love That has grown inside of me towards him in the form of being physical towards him, which is a beautiful thing and a thing that belongs to you God, please make A the desire of being physical and sexual with me, this requires a miracle, I pray this miracle to happen in the name of Jesus for our relationship to be healthy and normal and for full happiness, amen

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