Love Fulfilled

St. Jude, please intercede between my father Jesus and me to assist me with staying with my boyfriend. He and I have both done wrong to each other. Although the love that we share its real and we need assistance to see our way through these hard times.

My prayer is that we will continue to have strength in our relationship that we will be able to get married, have children, and that our families will be loving connected,that we will be able to obtain prosperity and that our lives will be guided by the light in the words of Jesus. I also pray that I am cured of this illness that I have and by Jesus I am healed. I need to have prosperity in all areas of my life especially with my children and finances. I pray that I learn how and I’m able maintain it. I also pray that my family as a whole harken to God’s calling and remain in his light for ever more. In Jesus name to all the glory and praises Amen.

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