Love and Marriage Prayer

by Sels (NY)

Dear St Jude, I am not Catholic, I know very little about the Catholic Faith. But I get to understand from my readings that you are a miracle worker,and with your help, the impossible is possible! I am so unhappy, emotionless and empty. I am in love with CL who refused my affections and love. He told me that he onced cared for and would have done anything for me, now he doesnt want me. I rejected him when he was pursuing me for childish and immature reasons and I am so sorry! I fell in love with him, care for him and want him in my life. Now he shuts me out and doesn’t want to see or talk to me anymore. St Jude I am asking you to intercede. I am asking St Jude if you can let this man find favor and love in me. St Jude please help us to love each other and cherish each other’s worth.

I am 40 years old and I have no children. I need to get married, I need this man to stop his partying ways and find himself to me and to God’s will. I feel this man’s presence around me all the time, I think of him daily. I want to share his joys, his sorrows, his laughter, his life. Please St Jude, say a special prayer for us, intercede on our behalf and let us be an example to others, so they can see that love is real, that love exists and all things are possible through Christ! Thank you St Jude for hearing my prayer, thank you God for listening. Thank you, I love you Lord, Amen!

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