Love and Happiness

by Charlie (Ny Ny)

Dear St Jude

I pray to you St Jude everyday and youve helped me and created miracles for me time and time again

Tonight i sit here and pray to you that My love Sally and I get married and that she gets pregnant asap and that she truly loved me with all of her heart , that she is in love with me , attracted to me , and that she is always honest and faithful to me in everyway as well as very affectionate and loving with me Also something that is very embarrasing but never the less I PRAY TO YOU TO ANSWER AS WELL THAT HER AND I HAVE AN AMAZING LOVE LIFE AND that I can achieve complete and utter arrousal so that we can simply by looking at one another be turned on ,attracted and make the most unbelievable , beautiful love and that my issue gets resolved so I can feel like a man again and fulfil that portion of our relationship and that it is amazing and she couldnt be more complete as I have an a issue and for sometime now and hasnt gone away . Im at a loss and put in your hands to please have me awake and be nothing more then a past bad dream and the skies open up , sun comes out and all to be amazing in everyway and to have us so close and IN LOVE

Please St Jude answer my prayers and I will forever be in your debt and servant forever til I can someday say thank you

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