Love and Happiness

by Sham (Australia)

Dear God,

I am begging you with all of my heart, soul and hope that you will grant me this wish.

Please bestow your power and bless my ticket so that I win the power ball division 1 jackpot tonight.

This will enable my husband to find peace away from work to heal his body from his long illness, and find joy and hope in his heart again. And help provide my children with a stable home, and I can afford to have another child and not go back to work.

We can then look after our family and help them find homes and reduce their financial stress.

And finally I can pursue a life of helping others to find their love and peace, through community endeavours.

Please, please, please, please, please I ask for this miracle.

You know me well enough that I will make a difference in the world.

This comes from everything that I feel and know in my heart and soul and trust that you and your angels are always with me to help guide me.

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