Love and Acceptance

by Monica ()

I went through a horrible, custody modification, battle last year. After saving money and working hard my husband and I bought a home, 30 minute drive from where we use to live. I had my two children from a previous marriage full time except 8days a month, their father lived in a different town but we coparented and made it work. When I moved he filed to modify, he got a gf who didn’t like he and I sharing our kids and being cordial, she paid for his attorney and helped him buy a house in the town we use to live in. Lies were told and to be honest even before he got the gf, he had been talking badly about me for years, it just amped up after he found her. Anyway, at a temporary hearing he was awarded temporary custodial, with me only having weekends this was after months of fighting. He bought a home in the town we had moved from. Now he constantly has access to our children and is using emotional and mental warfare to alienate them from me. My children are changing into his little soldiers. I make the most of what time I have and I’m thankful for having them three sundays a month. I wish I had more time with them, the judge said it was because I lived over a mountain pass that I could only have weekends. I got frustrated and lost hope after that temporary hearing, I decided to settle. I regret not trusting in The Lord and just going to trial, because I didn’t get more time even in the summer. I tried recently to take him back to mediation but he wouldn’t compromise said “he got everything he wanted”. I only pray for more time with them, that their ears will not hear their dad’s hatred, that they’ll know me by my actions and not what he and his now wife say. I pray that God will help me accept what is and move on with life. I pray that my children know how much I love and miss them, and that I will fight if they wish to come home.

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