Love among my son and daughter

by Marites (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Lord, both my children are not close with one another. Separated by jealousy and hatred due to bad vices

My lord i pray to replace the hate with love in the heart of my children so they live together without hating and fighting each other.

Keep them away from evil vices that had made them drift apart.

Put love and forgiveness into their hearts to they can live together in harmony and peace.

Take away the bad vice from my son and keep him away from bad company’s influence.

Let them realize my hardships to give them a good life.
Also let them give value to what i have worked for.

Also out love into the heart of my son and daughter for my only grandson, so that they may live in peace and harmony altogether.

I pray and beg to God for this to happen. I pray to God to answer my prayers for my children