by Benjamin ()

I pray that I win the lottery I first thank, glorfy, bless, praise, wirshep, and give you all the might and all tha power to king God and everything to our Lord Jesus hallelujah also please forgive me for all my days I haved sined on this earth in your name expressly I ask you Jesus that I will repent please wash me clean and renewer me with goodness and greatness from the inside to the outside of my body and being I love you because you loved me first I obay your word and your commitments Lord I will like to say if I win the lotto tonight this is how I will spend it first I will give ten% to tithe to the church one% to the third world countrys ten% to good friends and family and pay all their bills off and to live wealthy and put ten% into my bank to build up interest and spoil my self with a few cars and mansion mostly pay for my brother and myself to get out of the lock away we are facing and back safely into the community to live a better life to conquer and seccessfuly become better men for our love ones and will help all people inneed and indeed so yes Lord God I hope you hear my prayers and a big shout out to the 20 elders and the 4 creatures and the lamb and the 7 angels 7 lump stands 7 trumpets 7 churches once again I ask you the one and only heavenly father your protect all my family that has past on have past over or past away and my brother Jesus you are fantastically super awesome for what you have done for us on the cross I love you unconditionally I’m so so sorry Jesus for hurting you I’m very sorry Jesus please strengthen me with your love I will do good to you with my whole heart you have done more than I can ever imagine or believe yes God so Im asking you for one miracle tonight for me and us to win the new zealand 50 million dollar jackpot on 15/08/2020 I praise your name on high hosanna ov all heights hallelujah praise you forever amen in Jesus name ❤️😇❤️ 🙏

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