Lots of trouble at work

by Greg (New York)

Please pray for me. I am having a very hard time at work. Two guys that I work with are doing things to hurt my career. They are trying to set me up. I have been praying a lot and God has helped me, but I feel tired and weak and they will not stop. They just will not give up until they get me in serious trouble. In all honesty I have done nothing to these men, don’t know why they want to hurt me so badly. Your prayers are greatly appreciated, thank you.


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  1. Gos Bless You

    The fact that these men have nothing better to do than pick on you is just despicable. It is amazing that you have turned to God and given your problems up to him. God will always watch out for you and have your best interests in mind. Believe me, God will handle these people righteously, because what they do is just so sad. Whatever the outcome may be, always have faith in Jesus Christ, even if things seem like they are not going in your favor, always remember that you have the #1 God by your side. Do not let this petty people get to you, fight through it and justice through Jesus Christ will be served. I wish you all of Jesus’ blessing and mercies

    In Jesus Name I Pray,


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