by Michael ()

Dear God.
I know that i have fallen short in my life with my commitment to you in all areas of my life. I have failed in my relationships along the way in my life and have lost all that is near and dear to me. I have failed my wife and my daughter as a husband and a father. I am lost with what to do as i relied on the world and not on your word. I have allowed satan to come in to my life through others and have allowed the greatest treasure in my life to be taken away from me. In my confession as you say i must confess i have had an inappropriate relationship with a friend that even though she is far away in another country i allowed our friendship to go beyond being just friends to being more intimate with personal information. What was supposed to be a counselling session developed in to a more personal closeness possible because i felt so alone at home. No excuses. I allowed satan to interfere. My reaction has been to push away the one person who means more to me than anything. My friend my lover my wife. I am now divorced and am still in love with my wife. I never wanted to get divorced but it has happened and my world lord has come crashing down around me. My Amanda is my rock and my strength here and i pray for your mercy and grace and for a Mirical that exceeds anything i could ever ask for or imagine. My child has disillusioned her self from me after we have been so inseperatable in our lives. Help us Father to defeat satan and to restore what was broken by my stupidity and by my flesh. Help me father to rebuild and restore the love that my Amanda had for me and to put our past behind us and to look forward to a Life of love built on your word as we put you before us and out father in heaven. I know that it is a big ask father and that i may not deserve it but i ask you in the name of your sone my lord Jesus Christ to glorify yourself and be praised for the power that you have and for the strength that we will need in life . Please father help your humble and weak servant in his time of need as i pray never ceasing for the gift of and answered pray. I stand in faith believing that the thing i ask for in pray i have received. I trust in you father and committe my self to you.
In Jesus Precious and Powerful name i pray.


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