Lost the love of my life

by Paul (Peoria, Arizona)

Please pray for the return of my lost love Christine. It was because of my own selfishness and narrow mindedness that we are apart. She left on 1-22-2015. I have no anger towards her for ending our relationship. In fact it has taught me about the negative things I need to change. I am working on these changes, not because she wants me to but because I realize what I have caused and the price its cost me. I choose to change these things..for love. I love this woman unconditionally. Please pray that she will open her heart just enough to give me just one chance to prove I wont be the person I was.

I beg on bended knees of my body and of my soul for this one chance. I reach out to St.Anthony, finder of lost things, Jesus Christ our Savior, Virgin Mary, The Holy Spirit. I ask for Gods help in this matter.
Amen. Paul

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