Lost Soul Seeking to return to My Heavenly Father, Yahweh

by Sabrina (Reno)

Yahweh,I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. O beg you to forgive each and every sin that I have ever done in my life. Help me through Grace to sin no more. Help me to follow your commandments and be a good and obedient servant to my Heavenly Father. Forgive me when I am angry when you do not answer my prayers. Send me wisdom and teach me to be a good person and true follower. My entire being is filled with the desire to be close to you. I reach for you daily through prayers morning and nighttime. I join prayers with others in hope that you will keep your promise to help. Lately, I have been under constant attack- I see no answer to my prayers coming and my faith is failing. I just ask for a crumb so that I may hold on. My life is pure misery, suffering and torment. The more I pray for Yahweh’s help the worse my life gets. It is unbearable. Please pray for me.