Lost my Job Prayer

by Karen (US)

Please pray for my family. My husband of 16 years was deported back to his country. I am alone with 3 kids I found a job but was laid off last week I can not get unemployment because I was only there 5 months I am trying hard to keep my head up but I do not have a job and that means no rent for January no Christmas for my kids.

y husband is no help he really hurt me and blames me for being deported he does not want to come back I have no one to help me please please I need a miracle my kids deserve better.

I am trying hard to find a job with no luck no one cares about me I have no one to turn to I don;t know why I wake up but i know God must have a reason please please pray for us. God Bless all those in need.

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  1. Some guidance

    And this is how he did mine and my family’s. Firstly, my cousin, who was a single mom of 2 (with no child support, and who was watching small children for a bit of extra cash, but not nearly enough to make ends meet, signed up for this program…Visalus, of which I was skeptical. She told me she used the last of her savings to do this. She signed up in late May of this year. But I was a doubter…but researched it. Then I found out a local pastor signed up on it and is making so much $ now he doesn’t draw a salary from his church. Then I randomly ran into a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in years in a restaurant and when we got talking it turns out she too was a single parent, and started on this and is now making 5 figures a month! So…I thought, God, I think you are telling me something! So I went back to my cousin and in July I decided to do this…and in August I got my first cheque. And it is amazing. I am so thrilled. I am in charge of my own business and more importantly it is impacting my family in such a positive and healthy way. If you are interested in this (and I do believe sometimes we see things, run into people etc for a reason), then check it out. http://www.justinefinlay.bodybyvi.com

    It is the most life changing business I’ve ever been a part of. Best wishes and God bless!

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