Lost Love Hanna and Kole

by Donna (Prairieville, Louisiana)

Precious Jesus hear me as I pray to you for Kole and Hannah. They were so in love and so good for each other. Then one day Kole changed, he just went wild and Hannah was crushed. She still loves him and can’t understand what went wrong .. she is a good Christian girl and loves you Jesus as I do. She was good for Kole and now he acts like she doesn’t exist. It is heartbreaking. Please Jesus I place these two hearts in your loving hands, Have mercy and touch them your children. I pray Jesus that you touch Kole’s cold heart and open his eyes to true love and I pray that you touch Hannah’s heart as she is hurting. She was a good influence on Kole and has so much love for him. I lift this prayer up to you Jesus knowing You hear us all and prayers are answered in Your time. Thank You Jesus for your answered prayers. We patiently wait on You Jesus . Thank you my Jesus, my Savior, my only hope AMEN