Lost item found soon after prayers to St Jude.

by David (Malaysia)

In recent times, I have been helped, amazingly, twice by St Jude. The first time happened a few months ago.

The second time, the circumstances were similar. The second time was, this afternoon around 5pm, when my spectacles mysteriously disappeared in the sitting room. In spite of my best efforts I couldn’t find the glasses over a period of about one hour including help from my wife and son during the last 15 minutes of the hour.

Without the spectacles, I would be quite ‘blind’ until I can get a replacement from the optician, the following day. Finally I decided to seek help from St Jude. I prayed fervently to St Jude and continued looking thereafter. Miraculously, in less than 2 minutes after I finished praying and resumed searching , I found the spectacles! Praise the Lord!