Lost in Translation

by Ashley ()

HI. I m 35 yr old female who lives in Ga. I have a 10 yr old
Me and his Dad fight all the time. I hate he has to see it. I have been praying for God to soften his heart. He and his family are the ones who hrought God into my life.. I know he knows who he is and what he is supposed to be.. I had a overdose in 2009 and lost my hearing so that doesn’t help. I cant go any where worhout rhought of people talking about me. To me it sounds like aa people are speaking forIGN language. I hear the noise just cant make out rhe words.. I just would love for some prayers to cover me and my family. I have legal issues coming up to where I have to go jail for 4 months and that a about to make me lose mind. I ask in Jesus Name he protects my Son while I m gone which I know he will.. Maybe this 4 months will be a chance to get my mind, spirit, body back to Christ. I know where I uses to be was a lost soulless dead person into this person who got the holy spirit and I had never been higher in my life. I am a recovering drug addict.. I knew that there was a God in one day.. I always question my faith like I would ask God I wanna believe I just couldnt but boy he sure did show up in a matter of events that would be too long for this prayer request 💜 I. Pray whoever finds this and prays for me ,May you find all blessings allowed according to Gods Will for you.. Jesus 💜 us. Aint it beautiful.. I feel so much better just writing this.. Thanks again.

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