Lost and confused I’ve been in a confusing toxic “situationship” for the past 14 1/2=Years

Dear most high,

I come to you today because I need strength and understanding. Ive been in a confusing toxic situationship for the past 14 1/2=Years. It has left me sad, confused and angry. I may have not made the best decisions through this situation and I thank you for always being their for me and protecting me. The person Im dealing with use to be a nice guy but his life problems made him become a new person. Hes also lost and confused and Im hoping that you can make the right decisions for us and help us to see that what ever the decision you make is whats best for us. I dont want this situation to consume my life anymore but because of my love for him and the need to help him And also the fear of being alone forever I feel like I dont have the strength to walk away! Lord please give us the strength to do what is right and not be selfish. Please help us to walk by faith and not by our own understanding. Im putting this situation in your hands Lord because this battle is not mine.
Lord I thank you for all that yo do for me! Amen