Lost and alone

by Gary ()

I can’t seem to get answers to my prayers or ministers prayers for me. I spent Thanksgiving by my self living out of my car. I’ve got a job but for some reason I’m not getting enough money and I’m not over spending. My wife is separated from me for lack of money and other reasons for over 2 years now. I love my wife and want her back for good but more loving and caring, me too. Step daughter is causing most of the problems. She doesn’t want nobody in her moms life but her. She said she is all mom needs and that’s all that matters. She said she is going to do what she has to do to keep me from her. Me and wife dated in the 80s way before she was born. So now I have a court case that needs to be dropped cause of lies. I was to hit herin jaw 2 times and I never hit a female in my life or gone to jail or prison. Me, my wife and step daughter need Jesus in our hearts and be the Christians God wants us to be. Have a softer heart and for them to stop being mean and hateful, greedy, self centered, bored easily and stop thinking they and their stuff is better than anybody else. We 3 have health issues that seem not to be able to heal. I need a place of my own so I can get out of my car. My wife needs my help but I don’t have enough money and wife is on disability making 485.00 to 500.00 a month. Can’t do it on that. I want my wife back. I’m alone and love her with all my heart and want her to love me with all her heart and we can forgive each other and give each other chance, step daughter too all with God’s help. Please pray for us and things will work out all together before Christmas and court case be dropped by everybody involved before Christmas so we can be together as a family and me and wife honor our wedding vows. I’ve got money coming to me if I can get it . Having a hard time thank you and God bless.

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