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I was saved February 17, 2000. I hope I’m still saved. There is so much evil in this world like abortions, animal murder and abuse, abuse of children, etc. Two of my grown boys won’t talk to me and I don’t know why. He won’t help with this. I pray and beg God to help very specific even simple things like, get that dog away from those abusive “people “ for YEARS. He wouldn’t even have to do anything, just think it and it’s done. This is just one example. I’ve done everything I know to do besides stealing the dog. He’s just silent. The killing and abuse of babies that animals hurt me the most. I’m just sooo mad at God for allowing all of this. I don’t want to praise God knowing he allows such evil and could stop it. I don’t know how to and why. If he’s not going to stop it everywhere couldn’t he at least answer a few of my prayers for specific situations? How is He in control anyway? Doesn’t seem like it at all. The world has gone crazy and he’s just sitting there letting it happen.I used to be so in love with God/Jesus. Now, I just feel cold and angry towards God. Help.

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