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I am a single mom of 5 amazing kids. Have custody of my nephew by marriage. I was with my husband for 19.5 years . A very abusive both verbally and emotional extremely toxic and verbal abuse.. sweet it was good which it was it was good.but when the alcohol and drugs came into play it was bad. I left many times but eventually the kids would start missing dad and I couldn’t support 6 kids alone and would be back in the same situation I was before . In October of 2017 my husband was sent to state jail for the 4 time of our marriage. He was sentenced to 2 years state jail. His parents eventually had me and the kids (there biological grandkids) evicted from out home .Had the car we had removed. On the streets w 5 kids no car . I earned enough from work to get an apartment. Never had to live alone before or pay bills alone . I had no clue what I was doing. Made alot of mistakes got evicted again . In to hotel rooms dealing with cps lost my job .. cps eventually help get us a place . We were there until corona hit and lost it also . Back in hotels working odd jobs .. 6 kids 1 adult 2 dogs in one hotel room well you definitely get to know a person .. on 8/29/2020 my world changed yet again. My 16 yr old was shot by his best friend who also had been staying with us for past 2 years .. He basically was one of my kiddos.. my son lost his life that night.. my world fell apart in front of my eyes.. Everything I knew about my life was shattered in qn instant. The past 9 months have been a nightmare . Not just because we lost a major link in our unbreakable chain but my others kiddos were lost. My kids were so close to each other . I do my best to help and I pray but there just so much brokenness that I feel defeated before I get started. We all need healing. Mercy.Grace.and love. Thank you

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