loss of job for husband and wife

by Heather Yule (Prince Geoge)

I have been blessed with work all my life. I took a turn of faith and started a new job it was awful experience one that left me with nightmares. It was a test of faith for me and my spouse. We have just recently come across work and are awaiting our future plans. I know Jesus listens to our prayers from our hearts and he doesn’t always answer them the way we think. We go through very scary situations and are put to our knees . Jesus loves us and he will open and close doors and open ones that we should be in not ones that we should not be in. I love Jesus with all my heart and tell him each day. And I thank him for everything because he is the father of our soul our reason for life. Life might not always be sunshine and roses in the end it is his decision and answers and we go with it. The world will always go through all this trauma, disease, poverty, abuse, addictions, violence but I know that Jesus is on our side and he will get us through no matter what; till the day he comes to earth to get us; if I am still living when this happens I could only hope to see Jesus WOW. I just thank Jesus for today and each day and I LOVE YOU JESUS FOREVER AMEN.

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