Loseing the only people I trusted and things changed too much

by Shaun Dickinson (Eynesbury, Cambs, Uk)

Holy Father

In the last few years I have lost much . Growing up my view of the world was changed because of my disabilites . I had few friends, one I fell in love with but we were seperated , many years later I came across her again but due to her being involved with someone else and not remembering me well I left her alone. .

I have never had a job or a significant other and despite my age still live with my parents . Despite this I feel unsuited for the adult world and whish I was back in school .

To cap it all I have lost a close relation and my wallet has been lost or stolen .

I pray you will light my path lord , for all I see ahead is darkness.

In the name of jesus christ Amen

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