Lord,i have made many misteaks,i ask Lord that I learn from my misteaks

by Kevin (Philadelphia)

Lord,i have made many misteaks,i ask Lord that I learn from my misteaks.I have lingering thoughts about a person I love.this person I know left me so that I see the better side and so I can change my ways.Lord I ask if her to change also .is it bad to ask or is it better to just do.?I am not strong right now mentally.I have two beautiful kids two daughters that you have gifted me with and that I am so happy for your grace.charlottes mom I know we won’t have a real future together but I still pray that she does good.Lord izebellas mom ajzae is who I love and you sent her to me because I prayed for her.we have been through alot of tough times.you healthed me back to life when I was sick and very weak.I thank you with all my heart for what you have blessed me with lord.I want to make things right with ajzae lord.I want her to see me in a better light.a better man.I want to marry this women Lord in your sweet grace.I have troubles and issues that still stand in front of me.I only ask that I have one more chance to make it right so that me and ajzae and our daughter can be happy and live out lives together and have more children of you would bless us which you would if it was right.and that’s why I pray to you now and everyday so that we can one day make it right.thank you lord I love you and I miss everyone that is now a angle thank you for listening and I know I can hold my faith in your hands and you will do what’s best ths no you …amen.

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