Lord you’ve created in us the right spirit

by Vernetta (Virginia)

What a flourishing flower you are

The glow in your face so beautiful by far
Radiance gleams as if it’s a rainbow
Accents of beaming rays adorn your beautiful eyes
There’s a reverent dress of Gods grace upon you
Surely you are born with a heart of …Serenity!

You wonder with pitter-patter , very curious
You ask not a question, excitement captures your eyes
Strength empowers your being
Happy is the Lamb of God
You are a warrior, the armor barrier-
The sword of victory to a healthy life lies within you
You will conquer!

Lord you’ve created in us the right spirit
Pure, just, peaceful, happy, totally free
A brilliant flower with petals that shine love
Joyfully filled with Gods harmony
With an innocence of pampered love

Destined to survive; from heaven to earth we all will abound
Out of the womb of El Shaddai
We’re all Gods children whom He made….
Every day of our precious lives-
He heals our bodies , souls and minds