Lord You Are The Miracle I Need Now

by DEE ()

Dear God. I believe your words and what you say about my life. I am facing a terrible time in my life and all my hope seems gone. I have no peace and no joy and i struggle day and night to go through each day. I ask oh Lord that you step into my case and situation and intervene. I ask that you give me the miracle that i need. This job that you gave to me is now a source of pain and i am helpless as to what to do. Dear father. I ask that according to your mercy and will for me , that you step in and bring me peace. Grant me the ability to be a better person. Change my circumstances .and cause me not to miss my glory because of the situations around me. More than anything give me the wisdom to act wisely and not to be so sensitive and upset all the time. I acknowledge to you that i do not have it all together and that is why the devil is succeeding over my trials. I ask for a change in my emotions.I ask for a change in the way that i react to things . I ask for a change in my character. Oh Lord you are my maker and i know that this is possible. Give me the miracle of my character. Plead my cause oh lord with them that strive with me and in the presence of them that prosecute me, let my victory and testimonies shut their mouths. The mouths that has conspired to swallow me up. Oh Lord my heart is fixed on you. Do not let me be ashamed. Remember oh lord how you brought me this far. I know that you did not bring me here to leave me. Grant me joy in my heart. Peace and tranquility and let your words over my life and destiny come to pass according to your promises. My heat is fixed on you oh lord. you are my only and final resort. Please save me and deliver me from trouble.I trust you for the best. Help me Father. Lord you said in your words that your spirit makes intercession for us with groaning that cannot be heard. May you spirit interceed for me now according to your will and purpose. Please keep me from evil that i may not cause pain. I believe that you are able to deliver me and i trust you for the best. Thank you because i know that even now, you have answered. Amen.

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