Lord You Are My Only Hope and Strength

by Eric (Makati City, Philippines)

Lord, I know I have a lot of sins. I know that I only remember to pray when I need You. It is saddening that it had to take health fears, concerns and trials for me to realize all my shortcomings. That life can be cut short anytime and that the most important thing in this world is to receive Your salvation. I suddenly had a different view of life. There are more important things than money, career and other worldly matters that pre-occupy so many people.

Lord with Your grace I ask for your compassion. Give me a chance to live longer, serve you more and other people, love my family, future wife and my own family to be.

I want to spend my life serving you. I look forward to that. Please send your Holy Spirit to heal my body.

You are my only hope and strength. I am so desparate of your healing. Please Lord have mercy and compassion on me. All this I ask in your Almighty Powerful name oh Jesus.


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