Lord, when im in doubt i turn to you

by Grace (Sydney)

Dear Lord,

You know our family needs, you know just what to do, when im in doubt i turn to you.

You have a special place in my heart that only you can understand, dont make me worry and live in fear please go ahead and take my hand.

When im in trouble and dont know what to do i say a little prayer for you to help me improve.

When im lost and have no hope please guide me to the right path on this sturdy rope.

When i am unable to see all that i can do, i place my prayers, thoughts, and troubles in you for hope to get me through.

I havnt written a poem in a long time but these words of mine keep flowing, please help my family and our needs and help us to keep growing.

You know just want we need and how to go on if i cant find the words help me to belong and fill your praise with your song.

Lord you know just what to do and what to say your gift of giving is endless in every way.

You have supported me through thick and thin and have always been by my side, you have given me my husband and child and you always support me to thrive.

Life is a journey and only you can see what it really means to be healthy, happy and financially free.

My family is my greatest gift and you of course know me best, to stand the test of time of challenges please help me pass these tests.

I never want to hurt anyone you know how loving we are, please continue to be on our side always close and far.

You know my familys needs and wants and you know exactly what to do, when i need help i always turn to you.

Thank you Lord for all you have given to me, thank you Lord for giving me the key to slowly open the doors of life and to set us free.


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