Lord We Need Your Blessing To Prosper


Dear LORD, it has been a generational CURSE for us that we always have to put our hand forward to other and ask them for financial help. LORD , this is very bitter as I cannot take it any more that I have to beg any human being for financial help. LORD, I feel mentally tortured when i think about my current financial institution. I feel embarrassed and I hate myself and i feel like a beggar when i think how we have asked for money from others. LORD I have very good talent but when ever i offer others to render my talent i do not get success. I can do very good but i am not getting the right opportunity and the right platform. LORD i have to start once again from the beginning after 16 years of work experience. LORD people do not want to pay they only want to use me. LORD please help me as i am going through a very bad negative frame of mind. LORD, people always take me for granted and when I get straight forward they get offended and falsely frame me to be a bad person. LORD people want to see me begging in the street and they always do their best to pull me down.

LORD, I only know one thing that if MOTHER MARY AND CHRIST BLESSES ME then I will get out of this generational curse forever.


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