Lord we need you I will always need you

by Terrian (New York City)

XI father I have to come to you this morning asking for the strength the courage and the guidance to help me to see me through this broken heart and my broken soul help me to overcome the pain the memories and the Betrayal I from my fiance father kind me give me the strength the cards to overcome this opportunity you giving me at my job help me to learn what I need to learn father please bless and guide my family strengthen them help them to love each other and become one please keep on God in this Lord we need you I will always need you I could be I am poor Kobe rich I will always need my loving father without you I’m nothing without you I want to be here thank you for everything you are blessed and graced me with all the the good blessing I have in my life please father I need you today my heart cannot take it anymore and please bless my finances phone and still got a little trouble. I want a better future for me and my son please help me get there and for the one that betrayed me Lord I’ll forgive him and I still love him in Jesus name I pray amen

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