Lord we are pleading for a break through

by Mrs.Y (Missouri)

Lord we are crying out for a break through last year we lost our home our car had two miscarriages and I am now up against some not so holy spirits. Father please I ask you to cover us with your blood we need to be sealed with your precious blood. Lord I ask that you break every strong hold and every demonic spirit that is trying to separate us from your love and your presence.

Lord please I have no where to go no where to turn to no one to talk to your are my one and only life line Lord I ask that you shake every single spirit that’s not like you off of my life and cast them back to the darkness from wince they came. Lord you said in your word anything I ask in your name shall be given so these many request I ask in Jesus name thank God Amen.Lord thanks in advance for giving us our new home our new vehicle for better finances and bringing my family back together.