Lord, We are not making it

by Rachel (North Conway NH)

Lord, We are not making it. I serve you in several ways at our church, I work in accounting in my job. My husband has left his job that was making him miserable to go back to school but Lord, we have too much debt and even with him working part time and getting a housing stipend from the VA while he is in school it’s not enough to keep up with our debts. Lord, please help we only have a few more years and most of our debts will be gone. We just need to hang on and keep making our payments. Please provide a way to make it just as you always have. I praise and thank you for what you are going to do. Even if it means we suffer as a result of our bad choices in the past. You promised that you would walk with us in our struggles so I pray that whatever happens you keeps us at peace and work in us to bring about real change and a correct perspective of you. I love you and I know you are working and changing me a little at a time but Lord I want to serve you SO much more and feel awful for what I have done and how I have limited myself this way. You cannot use me because of my past sins. Somehow Lord I know you can free us and you can do miraculous things through us and the freedom you bring. Lord I know you can use me to help others and teach them what I have learned. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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